Universal Switching

Customer-Optimized Switching Solutions from Universal Switching

About Universal Switching

Universal Switching Corporation (USC) is a privately held corporation in the city of Burbank located in southern California. The company manufactures best-in-class programmable signal switching and distribution products for rugged and industrial applications, government subcontractors, and for industrial or commercial customers in the US and abroad.

The company was created with three objectives in mind:

  1. Provide the best switching, distribution and conversion equipment on the market.
  2. Provide superior service and serviceability utilizing modular, expandable, leading edge designs by blending the full spectrum of available technology.
  3. Provide our customers with timely and cost-effective solutions for all their signal applications.

Analog and Digital Matrix (AKA Crosspoint) Switch Modules and Systems

  • Frequency Ranges from DC to 40 GHz
  • Up to 1024 Inputs by 1024 Outputs (Over a million crosspoints!)
  • Analog and Digital Switching
  • Relay, Solid State, and Fiber Optic Switch Elements
  • Flexible Modular Solutions for Mixed Signal Environments
  • Chassis Rack Mount, VXI, VME, and Modular Formats
  • Programmable with Intelligent Controllers
  • Reliable with a Two-Year Warranty
  • COTS, Modified COTS, and Custom Units available

Applications Include

  • Communications including data, video, voice, and more!
  • TTL, ECL, PECL, LVDS, RS-232/422/485, Multiple Video types
  • Baseband, IF, RF, HF, Microwave
  • ATE - Automated Testing
  • Military, Commercial, Industrial